Chang's Garden Chinese Restaurant

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Dear Customers:

Chang's Garden has been in Buffalo for more than 20years. Welcome all of you enjoy your happy and unforgettable lunch and dinner. We have first-class cooking techniques and foods. Raw materials are well-chosen meats and vegs. All dishs are especially designed for you. We care about your health more than yourself. So, please enjoy your meal. The comfortable environment will help you feel at home. Hope your lunch and dinner in Changs Garden will be your unforgettable memories.

We can accept credit card payment. We have been working one week to prepare for your presence.

Please notices that all dishes are cooked by plant oil with low salt. Thank you for having meal in Changs Garden.

Please leave your advice and comments at any time. Your suggestions are very important to us whether they are praise or criticism. They can help us to offer better service and better food.

Enjoy The Delicious

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